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School Counseling Program

Your RES School Counselor

is Jennifer Samulski


The mission of Randleman Elementary School's counseling program is to provide all students with support and structured opportunities to obtain academic, personal & social, and career skills they need to be successful in life.

If you would like for the counselor to talk with your child, feel free to call me at (336)495-1322, send a note in your child's homework folder, or email me at the email listed above. Counseling is confidential, which means I will not share information without your child's permission, unless I have a reason to suspect that someone is hurting your child, or your child is hurting him or herself or someone else. Often I may ask for your child's permission to share information with teachers or staff so that we can work together as a team.

School counseling is meant to be short-term and focused on building understanding and skills. If your child needs on-going counseling related to a bigger issue, I am very willing to help you with finding community services that will better meet your needs.


What do counselors do?


  • Individual counseling. Parents, staff, or students can request that a counselor see a child to work on any issue which is impacting a student's academic achievement or social adjustment at school.
  • Group counseling. Students may be seen in groups. Topics are developed based on need and usually run for 6-8 weeks at a time. (i.e., grief group, social skills, etc.)
  • Classroom guidance. Counselors teach classes to all students about such topics as making friends, problem-solving, study skills, and learning about careers. There are NC Standards for guidance, just as there are for English and Math.
  • Consultation. Counselors talk with teachers and parents about the needs of students. Counselors can assess behavior problems or create behavior plans.
  • Referral. Counselors link families with outside resources, such as mental health therapists, physicians, or help with food/clothing. They may do this in partnership with the school social worker.
  • Coordination of services. Counselors work with other programs that provide resources to students and families, such as the Backpack Pals Program (free snack foods on weekends for qualifying families) or The Dream Center (free afterschool enrichment program for qualifying families).
  • Coordination of events. Counselors promote good character and citizenship, through activities such as the Tiger Pride program, monthly classroom competition and student awards, Red Ribbon Week (anti-drug and alcohol), Anti-Bullying Week, Random Acts of Kindness Week, College Awareness Month, Autism Awareness Month, etc.
  • And many other things! :)


 To learn more about your school counselor, check out her staff page at Jennifer Samulski.