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Summertime Boxtop collection at Randleman Elementary
Posted On:
Friday, May 11, 2018
Image of a boxtop
Image of a boxtop

School may soon be out for the summer, but Boxtop collection goes on!

Keep collecting your Boxtops over the summer. When school resumes in August we will have a contest for individual students, awarding prizes for the top collectors. 

Our August/September Boxtop count is the only monthly collection during the school year that not only has a classroom prize for the top-collecting classroom, but also awards prizes for the top individual student collectors, so keep clipping and collecting your Boxtops over the summer.

Boxtop collecting tips:
The expiration date is important, make sure the Boxtop hasn't expired and that the expiration date is still on the Boxtop. Boxtops without expiration dates or with expired dates don't count toward individual or classroom awards.

Group Boxtops in groups of 10s or 50s. For Boxtops in groups of 10, they may be submitted on any piece of paper, it doesn't have to be an "official" collection sheet. Use clear tape or glue only, no staples allowed.
For groups of 50, Boxtops may be submitted in zip-top bags, with the student name, classroom name, and "50 boxtops" written on the bag.

Thank you for taking part in our Boxtop collection, it helps put books and technology in the hands of Randleman Elementary students!

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